Color Shift

The Cabinet Color Shift slightly warms the tone of the wood without covering the wood grain. Color shifts are generally performed to remove the yellowing look wood gets from aged oil based finishes. This is a great look for customers who want a little darker tone to their cabinets. This process can really warm up the kitchen and give it a new look. The Color Shift is a great way to restore any sun-faded areas. Typically a color shift will take 2-3 days to complete.

“Choosing N-Hance to redo my kitchen cabinets has to be ‘THE’ BEST decision I’ve ever made when it comes to remodeling my home. Frank, Brackin, Ron and Nate are truly unbelievable. They were passionate about their work and trust me it shows! The value that this has added to my house is well worth the small investment I made. I wish this site would allow me to write more. I didn’t think anything would get me up in at 4 am just to sit, stare and enjoy! As one of their happy customers, I GUARANTEE you won’t be dissatisfied with your new look of any wood that they N-Hance!”Jeffery M.

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