Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

A kitchen is a valuable part of your home. From taking the first glass/cup of fluid in the morning to the last glass of water at night, including meals 3-5 times a day, it fulfills your drinking and eating needs and help you stay energized all the day. When you construct or buy a home, your home is new, as everything looks fresh and new.

With time, your kitchen starts looking dull, and the cabinets of your home pantry play a significant look in this dullness. You decide to change the look of your kitchen by refacing, or replacement. Replacing cabinets is an expensive job. Instead it, you can opt for refurbished kitchen cabinets. In this, you can just paint your cabinets to change their appearance and have a new look. Here are a few steps to paint the cabinets of your kitchen:

1. Remove the doors of your kitchen cabinets

Take a screwdriver and use it unscrew the hardware from the cabinet front and detach the doors from the frame. Take them out and place on the floor in a side. Pull out all the drawers and keep the same aside. Make the use of the vacuum cleaner to clean debris or any loose material that might be on the surface or in the corners of your kitchen cabinets. Ensure that the working area is neat and clean.

2. Examine the frames of your kitchen cabinets

After taking out the doors, drawers, and hardware and cleaning your cabinets, you must have a close look to find out whether if there is any structural damage, such as wholes. If it is, repair the same before moving ahead in your cabinet refinishing work. Replace the damaged pieces with the new one and opt for complete replacement if your kitchen cabinets have huge structural damages. Further, you should inspect to know any water-caused damage that could be repaired by a plumbing work.

3. Remove the old paint and stain from your cabinets

Make the use of a commercial paint stripper or hot air gun to remove the old paint and stain from your kitchen cabinets. You can do sanding of your cabinets to get rid of the old stain or paint. This step is vital if you want to give a fresh look to your kitchen cabinets by painting. After sanding, wipe your cabinets to remove the dirt and dust or any excess paint particles. Follow the same to remove paint or stain from the drawers and doors of your cabinets.

4. Apply new paint color or stain

Use the wood stain to stain your cabinets, drawers, and doors. Make the usage of a rag to rub the stain into the wood. You can leave light pressure on the wood grain and leave the stain for a while to let it dry. Apply a polyurethane sealer after applying the second coat of stain to your cabinets, doors, and drawers. Use a brush with natural soft bristle paint the entire kitchen cabinets. If required, apply a second coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets.

5. Attach the doors to your kitchen cabinets

Once the paint dries, you can reattach the doors to your kitchen cabinets. Place the drawers at their positions and attach the doors again by screwing the respective hardware to the frames.


Kitchen cabinet renovation doesn’t always mean the replacement of kitchen cabinets. You can have a fresh look to your kitchen cabinets by painting with a new paint color if they have no structural damages. Painting is the easiest and most economical ways to refurbish your kitchen cabinets.