Usually, we want to have a kitchen with more space. A spacious kitchen allows you to move freely inside it while cooking meals and to have natural gathering if required. Such a desire gave birth to an open-concept kitchen, which has been popular since the 90s.

This concept in kitchen renovations refers to the absence of barriers in the surrounding areas of the kitchen. Typically, it includes the living room and dining room. In comparison with the conventional home layout, which separates every room with walls and barriers, the open concept is getting popular day-by-day.

In the open-concept kitchen, open shelving has its own importance because it makes your kitchen look more prominent. You need to have a clear idea about a few things if you have decided to select open shelves over closed cabinets. Have a close look at those points that are as follows:

1. Inexpensive Installation

You can do this type of shelving yourself without having any specific technical knowledge or external human support. Watch a few YouTube videos before you go ahead in the installation of open shelves in your kitchen. As you don’t need to engage multiple workers, so you can execute the task faster. You can ask a family member to hold the shelf if required.

2. Keep Updated With Trends

Open concept shelving in the kitchen is the right choice for you if you love staying stylish and go with the latest trends. With this, you can display that your dinnerware matches the trends going on or is up-to-date. Your wine glasses are of the same sizes, and everything inside the kitchen is kept with the utmost care. In closed cabinets, you have to open the doors or pull out the drawers to display your kitchen arrangements.

3. Utmost Attention To Cleaning

Open shelving requires you to be more alert and pay utmost care to maintain cleanness in your kitchen. As there is no closed cabinet, so the plates, glasses, cups, pans, trays, and other utensils can have dust. It would be best if you dusted them regularly, as open shelves don’t protect your kitchenware from the dirt around your home.

4. Lack Of Place To Hide Anything

Be ready to display your glassware, pans, pots, plates, and other allied things continuously if you have finalized to have open shelving in your kitchen. Everyone who comes to your house and goes around the kitchen can see everything kept inside it, and you can’t get lazy or opt for out-of-sight tactics to avoid cleaning. You find it hard to hide anything from your family members too.

5. Ensure Proper Lightening

Having objects (like plates, glasses, and pots) of different shapes and sizes can create light issues in your kitchen. You need to ensure a proper lightening solution to light everything in your kitchen before you opt for open shelving. Otherwise, you have ugly shadows on your kitchen walls that can be frightening for someone of your family.


In spite of being inexpensive and easy to install, open shelving in kitchen renovations may require you invest some of your valuable time in keeping it clean. Be wise and consider all aspects before opting for it.