Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Undeniably, the kitchen is the busiest and most significant part of your house. The kitchen is not only for cooking, but it is also a place where people often spend quality time with friends and family.

However, your kitchen is also prone to some severe health hazards that could be life-threatening. All the lethal objects like knives and fire are found in your kitchen.

A large number of kitchen accident cases crop up every year. The source of around 50% of home fires is found to be the kitchen. Moreover, knife cuts are responsible for sending thousands of people to the hospital every year.

Thus, making your kitchen safe and sound is your responsibility. Here are a few smart tips that can improve the safety of your kitchen.

Ensure proper lighting

It is crucial to keep your kitchen illuminated from the safety point of view. Good lighting reduces the chance of injury while preparing the food. Without proper light, you may hurt yourself as you won’t be able to focus on the threat lying ahead of you.

Install a proper task light that focusses on work surfaces. Some kitchen tasks like chopping vegetables and cooking food on flames should be done under the light to prevent any mishap.

Cook with Care

Improper food preparation is responsible for several food-borne illnesses that could be perilous for your health. Cooking food is a huge task that needs your undivided care and attention.

You should never leave your food unattended while cooking. Make sure to use heat-resistant potholders and oven mitts when you are handling hot pots to prevent getting burned.

Furthermore, when you are cooking, avoid any sort of distraction that may take you away from the cooking area. Keep your phone away and do not watch television while cooking as they may steal your attention.

Be safe near the fire

You have to be extremely careful near the fire. Make sure not to wear loose clothing near flames. Also, keep the fire extinguisher handy. However, do not store it under a cooktop as it may become inaccessible in case of fire.

Moreover, tie your long hair back and do not wear a nylon or any other type of clothing that may catch fire easily.

Get slip-resistant flooring

You must have heard the incidents of slips or falls in the kitchen. These incidents can give some severe injuries. Thus, you must install slip-resistant flooring. It is extremely crucial, especially if there are children in your house running here and there.

Some of the ideal options for this purpose would be ceramic tile, textured vinyl, or matte-finished wood, etc. Moreover, you may use rugs for areas that get wet.

Install a spacious cabinet

If your kitchen cabinet has no adequate amount of space, then adopting kitchen renovation to remodel your kitchen cabinet would be the right choice. Make your cabinet spacious to store away all heavy kitchen appliances.

It is necessary to declutter your kitchen because a cluttered kitchen is a place for maximum numbers of kitchen mishaps. Having kitchen cabinets with enough space helps to declutter your kitchen by stocking most of the kitchen items.


These are 5 five smart tips to ensure the safety of your kitchen. Being the owner of the house, you are the one who is responsible for making each room of your house safe.

To make your kitchen a safe place to work, you may also opt for a kitchen renovation to make certain changes in your kitchen in regard to safety. Remember that making your kitchen safe is your priority!