cabinet refacing

You are ready to make those kitchen cabinets, but do you know how to start? Your cabinet is most of your kitchen. It is a place where all your plates, pots, pots and food are stored. They must be functional, but they do not mean they cannot be decorative. But you cannot use a lot of money on a new cabinet, you can refinish what you have at any time and give your kitchen to a new look.

Here, you’ll find a few tips to make this task a little easier and budget-friendly:

● Change the kitchen cabinet doors

One of the biggest costs in any renovation of the kitchen has obtained a new cabinet. It is approximately 30% to 35% of the cost of the average remodelling of the kitchen. If your existing cabinet is in good shape, keep it to keep them and simply change the shells and exterior doors. This is a new look and problematic to save your kitchen while your kitchen is given to your kitchen. You can buy only the front of the manufacturer or your local home improvement store.

● Bring in good lighting

Better kitchen lighting is a smart way to improve the appearance of a space. You can hang beautifully designed chandeliers on kitchen islands, cabinet backlights, or recessed lights. Make sure the ceiling light is bright and can illuminate the cooking area well.

Note that most recessed lighting conversion kits are only $ 15-20 each, making them easy to install. Also, you don’t even need an electrician to do this job. Just screw the pieces into the recessed light and cover the recessed light. Adding these lamps won’t ruin your budget while helping you make a significant impact on style and lighting at the same time.

● Add architectural interest with a signature feature

With the help of smart kitchen renovation ideas, you can create a high-end look for your space with less money. The goal is to add something spectacular but not expensive. For example, you can try adding some bead board panels to beautify your kitchen island. Or use accent walls with stone facades or bright colors to create focal points.

● Dress up your old kitchen furniture

If your kitchen furniture is good in terms of structure and convenience, please do not replace the kitchen furniture. Give new life to old parts with original interiors. Another simple and extremely an effective solution is to paint them with glitter. You can choose black, vanilla, and anthracite, stone, chocolate, red, orange, or even classic white. You can even choose the best effect for your furniture: lacquered or matte. If your furniture is made of wood, you can simply apply a little varnish to give it a new look.

● Go Low on Your Floors

If you currently have hardwood floors, just repair them; even if you want to tear down a wall, you can simply lay the planks where the wall is, and then sand and stain the new and existing shards together. If you are replacing tile or vinyl flooring, cheaper options, such as sealed cork, maybe a good option, not only in terms of price but because they are easier to use on your feet and back than hard tiles and timber.


You don’t need big pockets to make an old-fashioned kitchen look stylish and practical. A good combination of traditional and modern upgrades will result in a perfect budget kitchen remodel. All you need is some small modifications to truly combine the look. We know you will do well.