wood refinishing

There are so many mistakes that can happen while refinishing wooden cabinets. Many errors occur due to jumping into the refinishing project too hastily without getting a good idea of what is needed regarding material, time, and the proper steps to be taken. All you need to do is spend some in visualizing, understanding the process and doing some research.

Mentioned below are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when refinishing wood furniture and how to avoid them.

● Removing the finish improperly.

The first step in refinishing is to remove the old, chipped pieces. These pieces need to get stripped off completely. The most common technique people choose to do this is by using chemicals. This step is typically the most dreaded one for beginners and professionals alike. It is the most time-consuming and labour-intensive part of wood cabinet refinishing.

● Don’t Leave Ugly Holes.

The second most crucial step is to cover all the holes or chips from daily wear and tear of the tour cabinet, or you may have chosen new handles that have different fixings. It is important to remember to fill in those holes before you even begin to prepare the surface properly for painting.

● Don’t Paint With a Brush.

Painting is the most common way to brighten up your cabinets. But it can be an honest mistake if you don’t spend a dollar or two in purchasing specialist equipment. Paint sprayers are made for precisely this kind of job. You need to spray the paint on as this will make for the best finish.

● Don’t Forget to Clean Cupboards First.

We all clean our cabinet regularly, but we will need to wipe everything over before you think about wrapping or painting when it comes to refinishing. Firstly, it is required to have an excellent degreaser to ensure everything is removed from the surface. Even sanding might leave some spots untouched, so you must clean every area very effectively.

● Don’t Skip the Primer.

How tempting it is to get started with the final colour, even telling ourselves we could add an extra coat or two instead of using a primer. And this is the biggest mistake we ever make. Yes, the initial finish might look just as good at first. But after a few months, any knots in the wood or chips beneath the surface will start to bleed through the paint, forming stains that won’t shift and an intricate pattern you could do without.

● Sanding incorrectly

Sanding incorrectly is another common mistake to avoid when refinishing wood furniture. Sanding wood is essential to smoothing out any imperfections and creating a nice surface to apply your new stain to.

Many people sand in the wrong direction, going against the grain. This may seem like a minor indiscretion at the time, but DIYers will quickly realize how much it matters when they go to apply the stain. Be sure to sand with the grain instead of going against it, much as one does when shaving. Sanding correctly will help to cut down on the appearance of rough places or swirl marks once you apply your new stain in the next step in the process.


Refinishing your kitchen cabinets can have a fantastic effect on the overall look. It may sound like a lot of work, that’s because it is. But it’s nothing like the cost and effort of completely remodelling your kitchen. I hope these six mistakes, and you will keep them in mind when you start refinishing the woods of your place.