new cabinets

Cabinet refacing is a process in which you replace the drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and knobs and apply new veneer to all the external visible parts of your kitchen cabinets. In place of installing a new cabinet after the removal of the existing one, you make some changes of the external parts of the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are significant benefits of refacing cabinets:

1. It is affordable and inexpensive

On an average, refacing your kitchen cabinets costs you approximately 50% lower in comparison with the amount spent on replacing your cabinets with a new one. Cabinet refacing, whether you opt for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any part of your home, helps you save a lot of money. In most of the cases, refacing makes your dull looking cabinets look attractive and fresh. It is ideal option for you if you wish to give a face-lift to your kitchen cabinets without any significant changes in the layout.

2. It is an easy process

The replacement of cabinets is a massive job and requires many days for its completion. You need to make several changes in your daily schedules to get the work done. On the other hand, cabinet refacing is a less complicated task and requires only 1-2 days.

3. It prevents wastage

You should avoid removing your existing cabinets and replacing the new one if your kitchen cabinets are in good conditions. Replacement and installation will make you to do landfills that can result in the build-up of hazardous waste. Further, you will have to invest more money in buying the brand new cabinets.

4. It provides you many options

Refacing cabinets makes several options available for you. Some technicians execute the refinishing jobs on the exterior parts of cabinets without the removal of doors and door fronts. They apply veneer to the external of cabinets and attach new knobs for pulling and closing the doors.

5. It offers numerous finishing options

For your cabinet refacing, you have an extensive array of colours, and veneering options to choose. You can select any one of real wood veneers – maple, hickory, and birch. By selecting the right doors and covers, you can easily change the grain and look of the wood. Besides, you can add new moulding, trim, and glasses to have a refreshing look of your kitchen cabinets.

6. It produces environment-friendly option to you

Most of the cabinets have a component, which is known as formaldehyde. It is a dangerous element when it ends up in landfills. Selecting refacing cabinets safeguards you from this. Some refinishing service providers offer recycling of removed parts, like drawer covers, cabinet doors, and hinges. Further, cabinet refacing protects you from cutting a tree for making new cabinets. So, it is a green option.

7. It gives a brand new look to your cabinets

The final outputs of cabinet refacing are similar to the one of the cabinet replacement. You should opt for it if the structures of your kitchen cabinets are good. Refacing cabinets helps you save your time, money, effort, and the atmosphere.


Cabinet refacing is an excellent option to bring a new and refreshing look to kitchen cabinets. Apart from being economical, eco-friendly, and less complicated, it helps you save your money, time, and effort. If done well, refacing cabinets assist you to attain what you want to attain via cabinet replacement.