Kitchen cabinet refacing

Like other home objects and appliances, kitchen cabinets get dull in their look and appearance with time. Sometimes, you feel that the cupboards installed in your home pantry are not part of your house due to their look. And you start looking for ways to update them. In your search, you come across options, like painting, remodelling, and the replacement of the old with a new one.

Replacing your cabinets may be an expensive matter for you, and so, most of you love to paint them again. You can opt for DIY if you have done painting earlier or have no issue of time. Here are some useful tips for your help:

1. Get the right tools and paints
Before you start coating your home panty cupboards, you should collect the most suitable tools and paints. You need to have a paintbrush with natural bristles if you choose to oil-based paints. For latex paints, go with a brush with synthetic bristles. You can use a roller brush if the surface is flat.

2. Remove doors and hardware items
You are not going to coat your cabinets with paint again & again. Therefore, you need to do the painting very carefully. And for a better painting, you must take away the doors, hinges, handles, and other hardware items from the frame.

3. Clean surfaces and every part that you are going to coat with a suitable colour
With time, your home panty cupboards get a layer of dust and dirt that must be removed. Use a duster to clean every area of the cabinet and apply a clean cloth piece to wipe the same again.

4. Sand the surfaces
Sanding helps you to scratch the surfaces so that primer can get a good stick to them. And for sanding, you should use the sandpaper of high-quality. After that, vacuum the surfaces again.

5. Apply a coat of primer
Priming helps you to seal the cabinets and make them ready to receive the final coating of paints. Start applying primer from the back part of your home panty drawer and cover every part and corner, doors, front, and inside. For better priming, you should never dip more than half an inch of your paintbrush. Using brush strokes is beneficial for you, as it can help you save a lot of time by covering 12 inches at a time in a single smooth.

6. Coat with the paint colour of your choice
After applying the primer, leave your kitchen cabinets for some time to let them dry. Start coating with the right paint finishing for the first time. Have a break and coat again. For a better and fine finish, try to paint your home pantry cupboards for the third time.

7. Wash and reinstall the removed parts with hardware
You may need to wash the residue laying outer part or overpainting. Before they get dried a lot, use a wet cloth piece to clean the area having extra paint. After that, you can start putting doors, hinges, and other associated hardware items with the cabinets to complete their reinstallation.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a little hard task for one who hasn’t done it before. Many of you want to give a new look to your home panty cupboards, but you feel lack of time to DIY or find a professional who can coat your cabinets with your desired paints. Use the term cabinet painters near me to search for a professional painter for this project if you do not want to do the painting yourself. A professional painter will carry out this task easily.