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5 Best Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Major Renovations

It’s to fall in love with that perfect home. It’s in the perfect location, the perfect school district in the perfect neighborhood. However, the kitchen is a little dated. Every potential homeowner has had to weigh the potential pros and cons of this problem. If you had to stretch your budget to get into your […]

6 Essential Steps to a Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Part of the fun of finally owning your own home is being able to transform the space into your personal vision. It can be a great challenge, but it can be fun, too. One of the favorite rooms for a DIY project is the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home and can bring a […]

Spring clean your kitchen cabinets

Now that it is March, it is time to consider spring cleaning. What better place to begin than in your kitchen? When you cook inside every night your kitchen can get a buildup of grease and dirt on your cabinet doors and drawers. Taking a little time to make them appear new again can help […]

Fall Home Checklist

Now that the kids are back in school it is time to start on a Fall Home Checklist to get your home ready for the winter months. By starting early it is easy to accomplish all the required tasks in an easy and timely manner. We have made a short list of things we believe […]

Patriotic Dessert

Delicious fruit desserts on a hot July afternoon hit the spot. Taking a few extra minutes in your kitchen to prepare can make it into a patriotic masterpiece. Picking red and blue fruit is perfect with a whipped topping or ice cream. A fruit pizza is fun for kids, and works well for a barbeque. Look online for ideas on sites such […]

Sparkly & Clean

Cleaning your kitchen is a daily job. When you decide to deep clean it though there are other things you have to think of. Your appliances. Stainless steel is shiny and modern. It does require a different technique when cleaning though. Although you can clean stainless steel with water, there are products specifically made for […]

Get Organized

When you look at your entire house it seems unrealistic to get organized. With a few quick tips the project suddenly becomes a reality. Find a place for everything. We all know if the item we are holding is hard to put away we will leave it out. Put items we use often in easy […]

N-Hance – Tip of the Week – Cleaning Floors

Floors are the most used surface in our homes. We walk on them everyday. They take the elements and they take a beating.   Daily Cleaning… We recommend that you sweep or dust mop daily if possible. Avoid the use of tough bristle brooms and vacuums and tools that are hard and may cause potential […]

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