Back to School

Now that the kids are back in school it is time to start on a Fall Home Checklist to get your home ready for the winter months. By starting early it is easy to accomplish all the required tasks in an easy and timely manner. We have made a short list of things we believe everyone across the U.S. and Canada should do. Add any of these to your list and let’s get ready for the holidays.

Fall Home Checklist


With school back in session it is time to get your car ready for the carpool season. Give it a good detailing and make sure to get it serviced. It’s not quite time to put snow tires on.

Ducts and Registers

Clean heat ducts and registers. Don’t forget to replace air filters. Once the temperature drops you will want your heater on.


Have a wood burning fireplace? Make sure you order or cut firewood. Stack it off the ground so that it dries appropriately. Stack it away from the house to prevent pest infestation. Get your chimney cleaned early too.

Fire Prevention

Check your fire extinguishers. It is always a good idea to get them serviced every year.

Drains, Gutters and Downspouts

Make sure all of your drains are working. Unclog any slow drains, and make sure your disposal is clean. When the temperature gets close to freezing make sure you winterize your outside drains and sprinkler system. Hire someone to clean the gutters and downspouts, and make any other repairs, or do it yourself.


Drain hoses and store them so you can use them again next year. Find all the sprinklers hidden outside and put them away as well.

Outdoor Furniture

Clean any outdoor patio furniture and store it for winter if needed. Winterize any trees and bushes before the temperature drops.


Enjoy the fall weather by opening your windows up. Take a moment while you do this to clean them. Caulk around windows and doors to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Not only will you be more comfortable, you’ll save on your energy bills too.

Trash and Recycling

Clean trashcans and recycling cans.


Now is the time the bugs will try to invade your home. Call an exterminating company or deal with it yourself.