Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If yes, then you are certainly in the right place! Here we have discussed the right sequence to follow to do the job of renovation effectively for the best outcome.

Make a Plan

Before calling a contractor, sit down and think about how you want to use your kitchen. Consider your needs and wishlist. Know what you would like to change in your kitchen to make it more functional.

Examine how much storage space do you need. Also, carve out a design of your kitchen the way you want, you may also take the help of specialists or interior designers.

Decide Your Budget

The next thing to do after planning a layout of your kitchen is to decide your budget. Undertaking a kitchen renovation project can be an expensive affair for some people, and if you don’t plan your budget, then you may end up spending more than required.

Consider your income and savings to determine how much you can spend on this project without draining out all your money. Don’t go overboard with your budget as you won’t want to get in a financial crisis. So, be realistic about your expenses on your kitchen renovation plan.

Reach Out To a Contractor

Once you are ready with your budget, it is time to call the right contractor. With the right contractor, you will have a better chance to stay on your budget and estimated time period. To pick the best person in the market, consider their experience, licensing, and reputation.

Moreover, choose the one who can understand your vision and provide desirable results. Get the quotes or estimates and compare them to make the most affordable and reliable choice.

Start With Demolition

Now comes the task of demolishing and throwing away things or kitchen items that are worn out or outdated. Remove the decorations from the walls that you don’t like anymore.

Also, keep aside the food from the pantry and remove the dishes from the cabinets. Get rid of things that you don’t want in your updated kitchen. You may take the help of your contractor to do this task efficiently.

Move On To Framing, Electrical Outlets, And Plumbing

Get done with the rough-in work such as framing, plumbing, and electrical outlets. It is better to hire professionals for this piece of work as it can be time-consuming and also it will need specialization to get completed in the right way.

Finish Walls And Flooring

Now move towards the walls and floorings. As per your kitchen renovation plan, finish the walls. You may want to paint your kitchen walls. So, choose the right color and make sure to get the best quality paints.

When it comes to flooring, some consider it before cabinetry, while others want to save it for later. What you want to do first depends on your own choice. For floorings, select the right material and style that suits your taste.

Remodel Cabinets And Counters

It is time for remodeling your cabinets and kitchen counter. You may continue with the same cabinets if you like. However, if your cabinets are worn out or you want to make it more functional, then you can either choose the remodeling or go with refacing. The latter will be a more cost-effective option.

For kitchen counters, choose sturdy material. Be accurate while taking the measurement of both your cabinet and counter to install the new one that fits.


So, follow this sequence to get done with the kitchen renovation project on your time and budget. This sequence will streamline the renovation process by eliminating the hassle.