However, it is still unknown how the colours of our surroundings can enhance or descent our moods. But there is surely some connection between our moods and colours of the main places in our houses for sure.

Here I am offering you a quick guide on how you can choose different colours to give your old shabby looking kitchen a whole new look with kitchen remodel:

Cabinet Color Change

If you have an old house then, you might be having some basic colours, but contemporary homes require a contemporary kitchen with a glossy finish. You can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen, by having a basic kitchen remodeling to your kitchen cabinet.

You can choose to have some lighter tones matching with the surroundings or can have some dark oak shades to add a vibrant appearance to place.

Custom Color change

One thing that is often left out in choosing the whole colour contrast of the home is the kitchen. Often people tend to forget to give their kitchen a different look. But you need not worry as you can still give your kitchen a whole new look by just having a custom colour change.

The custom colour change can be done in a glazed or antique look. You can also add a vintage look to your cabinets by simply adding sanded edges to reveal the wood grain.

Floor Renewal

Among all other things, the area that is most visible is the kitchen flooring. It is better to choose dark colours for the floor area so that it doesn’t highlight the spills and mutilation.

Applying shining floors makes them more vulnerable to scratches, caused by pulling of chairs and regular footfalls. It is better to have a durable floor finish which can maintain the lustre for longer periods.


If you are totally against the investment in changing colours of the cabinets or don’t want to invest that much time in money into the process. You can simply choose to have different lighting or a whole kitchen area.

By having differently coloured lighting, you can provide your space with a whole new look. The process doesn’t require investment in new furniture. You can opt to concentrate on the centre area or dining area with some light colours for the sink and washing area.


Kitchen is the most visited place in a house and hence its the foremost duty of a home owner to decorate this place with accurate colours. Colours can be chosen on the basis of moods and seasons. Nhance provides the services of kitchen refinishing, along with other kitchen remodelling services. Moreover, they complete this long process in just 2-3 days without disturbing much the rest of the house.