Kitchen remodel

Yes, you heard it right, here we will reveal some secrets to how you can make your kitchen look bigger and better. No, we are not talking about breaking walls or renovating your kitchen completely. With some changes or modifications, you can give the illusion of a bigger kitchen space. So, if you too want to make your small kitchen look bigger, then do follow these secrets, and you can share them with your friends too.

Declutter, Declutter, And Declutter

Avoid clutter at any cost if you have a small kitchen because it can ruin the entire look of your kitchen, making it look messier. Never let your countertop be crowded with utensils or other kitchen items. So, store away your kitchen items or appliances, and keep your countertops clean and tidy.

Get rid of kitchen items that are no longer in use because they occupy unnecessary space. Moreover, you can also reduce the visual clutter of your kitchen by avoiding overly decorative details and keeping minimalistic design patterns.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Sounds a Good Plan

Cabinets are the centrepiece of the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look bigger, then you should consider undertaking a kitchen cabinet remodelling project. Wondering why? Well, instead of traditional closed upper cabinets, consider a modern cabinet with a sleek look, glass doors, and enough storage space. Adding storage space to your cabinet will help you reduce the clutter.

Moreover, you can fool your guest’s eye by replacing the wooden cabinet doors with the plain glass and make it look spacious. However, make sure your cabinet is clutter-free and you don’t want your guests to look into your messy storage. So, remodel your cabinet to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Kitchen remodel

Be Cognizant About The Colour Scheme

You can do a trick with the colour scheme and make your kitchen look spacious. Keep the low contrast colour. As the difference between the colours of the walls is minimal, the eye glides over surfaces without a break, which creates an illusion of a bigger space.

So, keep everything in the same colour family, without much variation. Moreover, choose a light colour, or a white would be preferable as it also looks elegant and classy. So, choose the right colour scheme to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Let There Be a Light

Do you know natural light can make your kitchen appear brighter and larger? So, let the natural light stream into your kitchen. Make sure your kitchen has a window to allow natural light.

Furthermore, along with some natural light, you can also include artificial light. Modern featured lights would improve the beauty of your kitchen decor.

Choose The Right Splashback

Your kitchen splashback has multiple roles to play in your kitchen space. Not only it protects your kitchen walls from the splashes of water and oil, but also it enhances the interior of your kitchen. Besides, it can also help you to make your kitchen look bigger.

But you have to choose the right splashback with the right design and colour. Choose the splashback that has a similar colour to the cabinets and counters. Blend the splashback as it will make your kitchen appear larger.

So, these are some secrets to make your kitchen look bigger, you can follow them and see the results yourself.