Do you know that Kitchen is called the Powerhouse of the Home? All the home makers are aware of the fact that 70 % of the productive time in a day is spent in just a single place – Kitchen.

While constructing/choosing a house of dreams, people put a lot of efforts to choose the best interiors for the kitchen, what they tend to forget is that this place needs regular attention in terms of cleaning and renovation.

Renovating kitchen can be done by various service providers in affordable rates but to avoid such a situation, various hacks can be brought in regular practice.

In this blog we will be discussing various hacks to keep your kitchen new and shiny always:

Avoid Using Chemicals

There are many liquid washers and chemicals available in the market, for assured cleaning. But what they tend to forget is that these harsh chemicals are often very harmful and take the shine of the kitchen with long-term usage. Instead of opting for these harmful chemicals, you can use Baking Soda or Edible Vinegar for daily cleaning which is cost-effective and also easily available.

Weekly Cleansing

Make it a weekly habit to clean your kitchen, from every corner and every part. Indulge your children in the process to make them aware of the cleaning process of various types of equipment. In this process, you can apply water to your kitchen cabinet and floor.

Professional Guidance

If you still feel that your favourite kitchen cabinet or splashback is not looking as it should be. You can always take some professional help from various service providers such as Nhance to guide for kitchen renovation.

Using Soft Cotton Clothes

Avoid scrubbing your floor and sinks with harsh cleaning objects, a cotton cloth works best with these delicate areas to maintain their finish and shine for longer periods.


Preaching Children

The young ones are always trouble makers in every house. It is very important to teach the young minds so that they know about kitchen manners. The proper place for keeping chairs and other utensils must be taught to them to avoid defacing of sensitive areas. Ask your children not to pull chairs and harsh things along the floor and countertop to have scratch-free surface.


Taking care of a kitchen cabinet and flooring is a tough task as it is the most rigorously used area. Also, maintaining an alluring kitchen area is necessary for guests and visitors. If your kitchen is looking old and used, you can opt for various services, such as cabinet refacing/refinishing, hammered Floor finishing or Granite top renewal from Nhance.