floor refinishing

Everything works as per the trend these days, and the hardwood floor is on-trend for all the classic places!! Well, if you are wondering about getting a hardwood floor refinishing, then this article will enlighten you all about it.

It would help if you nurtured your floors to keep their shine on; to do so, you need to maintain it with cutting-edge facilities available in the market. Covering the dirty floor with a fascinating carpet is never a good idea when you know your floor’s enticing luster.

Floor refinishing will restore your place’s charm and maintain the look for the next couple of years. Here is the in-depth knowledge of every detail you must keep in mind while planning for hardwood floor refinishing.

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

If you are incredibly fond of hardwood floors, you must also know that it needs excellent care. It would help if you used the coat which will give a finishing look to your floor. Hardwood floor refinishing is where sanding tools will remove the old layer of the floor, and a fresh coat will be applied. If your floor is giving a dull look even after a stable condition, you could re-coat it without taking the old layer off.

It would help if you only considered giving a refinish when your floor is extremely old and damaged. But if your floor is broken, you must first replace the wood before refinishing.

Is hardwood floor refinishing beneficial?

If you are confused with this query, then the answer is a big YES!! Hardwood floor refinishing has many perks that will entice you towards it. This process will not only bring back the charm of your place but also form a layer of protection for the near future. In case you frequently avoid the refinishing, you might have to replace the entire wooden plank that is comparatively costlier.

The refining of your floor is just like taking your car for servicing when it starts creating problems. If you nurture the elegance of your floor, it will keep you and your guest happy!! A well-maintained floor and home will always attract people even when you plan to sell or rent it.

Is it possible to re-coat the floor without any refinishing?

Well, the answer is Yes, but you must check the condition of the floor before making any decision. If your damages are very familiar like little scratches or the floor is just getting dull, sanding is not needed. You can re-coat the entire floor and get its glamour back on point. If any part of the wood is severely harmed, then you must consider floor refinishing.

Is the process of refinishing stressful?

Indeed, the process is time taking and brainstorming, but it is worth it because you will save your floor from a complete change of wooden planks. You need to consult the professional flooring contractor once you decide to have to refinish. The entire process will be completed faster if you hire the professionals, and they will lessen your burden.

Hiring the professionals will also help you get the refinishing guide, and they will complete the work accurately within the deadline. They have tools and techniques which is used to give a perfect finishing to your floor.

What should be your budget for hardwood floor refinishing?

If you choose to hire the professional for your hardwood floor refinishing, make up your mind for three to five dollars every square foot. It is the minimum expense you can expect, but the price may go up if you add some special requirements for your floor. The entire process will hardly take one to two days, and your floor will be brand-new again.

Once you choose your professionals, they will let you know the expenses after looking at your wood type, quality of finishing product, and several coats. The total fee of any medium-sized floor could go upto a budget of one thousand dollars. You must know the length of your floor before consulting any professional!!

What are the variety of floor refinishing?

When you are thinking of hardwood floor refinishing, you must know that there are three types of refinishing available in the market. You can either choose the water-based refinishing or the acid cure refinishing. If you are not interested in both of these, then you can go for polyurethane refinishing.

Each type has its pros and cons like the water-based refinishing is not long-lasting but highly eco-friendly. On the other hand, the acid cure will give you the most extended durability, but it is entirely risking to apply. The polyurethane will be durable for a medium period, but it is mostly used for floor refinishing.

Bottom Line-

All said and done, this article has entertained every possible question regarding the hardwood floor finishing. Now the choice is entirely yours, and we are just a click away to serve you our best!!