Kitchen cabinet refacing

When considering kitchen remodeling, probably the first thing that crops up is the change of look of cabinets. Though there are multiple ways to change its look, people often opt for cabinet replacement. This means that the cabinet, which is otherwise functional and in a good working condition, is completely dismantled and is replaced with the new one just for the sake of change of look.

If it is only about looks then there are other viable and money-saving alternatives that you can opt for and one of them is kitchen cabinet refacing. Instead of entirely demolishing your existing cabinets and installing a new one, you can reface your cabinet at a much competitive price.

However, many of you may ask what is kitchen cabinet refacing? So for those people, it is a process of replacement of only the exterior part of the cabinets or cabinet skins like doors and drawer fronts and applying the new veneer over the surface body of the cabinets. It may also involve the replacement of hardware like handles, drawer pulls and hinges.

Here are the reasons why kitchen cabinet refacing is a better alternative to kitchen replacement.


Kitchen cabinet refacing is a very economical option and cost you 50% less than the cabinet replacement in which you will be required to buy an entirely new cabinet. It is a cost-effective option to reface your cabinet instead of spending on the new cabinet if you are satisfied with the existing layout and function of the cabinet and you want only a facelift or a change in color or finish.

In the process of cabinet replacement, usually, a lot of money is wasted that you can save through opting cabinet refacing instead and then later you can use your saved money for the other aspects of the kitchen or your house.

Time Saving Option

Kitchen cabinet replacement usually consumes a lot of time. It takes few days to get it done properly. Till the time it gets done, you will have to wait and you might not be able to use your kitchen.

However, kitchen cabinet refacing takes hardly a day or two depending on the structure or material of your cabinet. Therefore, the refacing of the cabinet not only saves your pocket but also your precious time.

No Complications and No Wastage

Undertaking cabinet replacement tasks can cause a lot of mess and clutter. It is quite complicated. On the other hand, kitchen cabinet refacing is less complicated as compared to the replacement process. Furthermore, most of the cabinets are made of a material like formaldehyde which can be hazardous if it ends up in landfills.

The replacement process can lead to the accumulation of these hazardous wastes. Whereas, cabinet refacing prevents the wastage as you don’t need to raze the existing cabinet. Besides, by choosing to reface over cabinet replacement, you also prevent the cutting down of trees that will be required to build a new cabinet, this makes the kitchen cabinet refacing an Eco-friendly option.

Variety of Options

In kitchen cabinet refacing, you get multiple options to choose from. You can choose from a variety of colors and veneering options. While choosing, consider the durability and heat resistant quality of the material along with the appearance.

Wood veneer is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cabinet refacing. Choose the color of the cabinet that compliments the entire look of your kitchen.


These are the benefits of cabinet refacing that makes it a better alternative to kitchen cabinet replacement. So choose the most budget-friendly option which is kitchen cabinet refacing and give a brand new look to your cabinets at a relatively low price.