N-Hance is a division of Harris Research Inc. Each franchise is an independently owned and operated dealer of N-Hance.

N-Hance addresses the long-standing dilemma for home and business owners with a significant investment in wood floors, cabinets, and trim: what do you do when it stops looking beautiful?

The traditional solution was to do NOTHING. Once your wood reached the place where it looked terrible, your only solution was to move out of your home or business for three to seven days while sanders and refinishers would grind off the original finish and top layer of wood before refinishing with a petroleum-based varnish. What a mess! Not to mention toxic!

Moving back in, you can appreciate the beauty of your almost-as-good-as-new floors, cabinets, and trim, but must ignore the fact that wood-dust has penetrated every nook and cranny. And there’s a lingering petroleum odor giving you a headache.

Years of research into water-based polyurethane led to the perfecting of a suite of products which offer the home and business owner a new way to regain the original beauty of their wood.

N-Hance can help you restore the beauty of your wood while protecting the wood long before damage occurs. Beauty and protection all in one shot! Sanding is now a thing of the past.

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