Green Kitchen Cabinets 

It’s easy being green! Which is why this color is becoming a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Whether you’d like a cool, calming kitchen, or a bright, vibrant one, green kitchen cabinets are a great option. They are distinct and dramatic, all while allowing you to bring a sense of the outdoors inside. This lends itself to more serenity in your busy kitchen and life.

Why Choose Green Kitchen Cabinets?

Green is a relatively newer color choice for kitchen cabinets. However, it’s certainly in demand and only growing in popularity for a range of reasons, including:

Green comes in many shades.

Whether you’d like mint, sage, or forest green cabinets, there are a wide variety of shades to choose from. This makes it easy to infuse green into your kitchen in a way that aligns with your preferences, as well as existing finishes, like flooring and countertops.

Green offers a calming, earthy feel.

Another benefit of green? It makes you think of nature. You can paint your kitchen cabinets green and also add in other biophilic elements, like plants and paintings of flowers, creating an earthy and inspiring vibe that is soothing too.

Green is distinct.

Adding some color to your cabinets, like green, is a great way to hide dirt, splatter, smudges, and more. If you have kids and pets, or cook and host often, then green cabinets can give you more leeway and make life a little easier.

Green is versatile.

Green can be warm or cool, dark and moody, or light and bright. It’s also a color that’s a little different in a kitchen, offering a “wow” factor to your home. At the same time, it pairs beautifully with hardwood or tile floors, a variety of countertop colors and styles, as well as decor ranging from rustic to refined.

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