Part of the fun of finally owning your own home is being able to transform the space into your personal vision. It can be a great challenge, but it can be fun, too. One of the favorite rooms for a DIY project is the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home and can bring a family together during the holidays. But getting all the components and appliances in the right place can be tricky. With a little bit of extra knowledge and a lot of patience, you can get the kitchen worthy of any home magazine. Here are six essential steps to a perfect kitchen remodel:


  1. Be organized

Before you grab your wallet and rush to the store, you’ll want to gather your thoughts and some inspiration. You’ll also want to determine the scope of your project. Are you redoing the entire kitchen or just doing updates? Are you changing colors? Answer these questions first to get on the right path.

  1. DIY or hire a contractor

Decide if you want to do the work yourself or if you want a contractor. Make sure they have verified reviews and up-to-date licenses before signing any contracts to let them work on your home. You can shop around, too.

  1. Order ahead

Once you decide on a design theme, order your new appliances, cabinetry and light fixtures. If you’re also changing your floors, use the time between ordering and delivery to get it done.  Planning ahead also means that you’ll have your entire kitchen finished sooner and won’t be waiting for different components.

  1. Prepare the space

If you’re doing a complete overhaul, prepare for it to be a messy process. You’ll want to gut the kitchen and that means taking out everything.Set aside any cabinet knobs or pulls that you want to save for later use. During the remodel, you’ll want to set up a mini temporary kitchen so you aren’t eating out too often.

  1. Put up the backsplash

A backsplash is a great decorative addition that can really tie your kitchen’s colors, scheme and appliance style together. If you’re uncertain about which tile to choose, simply take a sample of your countertop (or a photo of it) to your tile store and go from there.

  1. Install the appliances

This is the last step because you don’t want to end up working backwards. This way you simply have them installed and not worry about painting around them.  Doing this last also means that you can safely get the gas and electricity going into the space without the risk of accidents.

A remodel can be a large and daunting project, regardless of which room you choose. It can an exciting process to redo your kitchen. It might take hundreds of pictures, catalogues and trips to the home improvement store before you even get started. But once you do, it’s well worth it. You can try doing it yourself or just hire a contractor to get the beautiful kitchen you’ve always wanted.