kitchen cabinet refinishing

Are you planning to call contractors to break down the walls of your kitchen to enlarge the space? If yes, then stop right there!

Why splurge on reconstructing and redesigning the entire kitchen, when you can use some tips and tricks to make your kitchen look bigger and better? Yes, you heard it right, you can save your pocket by using pro tips that create the illusion of a bigger space. So, here are they, go through them and make your small kitchen appear bigger than it is.

Consider Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Cabinets occupy the larger space of your kitchen, and thus, by opting kitchen cabinet remodel, instead of the entire kitchen remodel, you can maximize the space of your kitchen at a limited budget.

Go for slimmer cabinets with slimline base cabinets that have a reduced depth. Not only this trick gives an enhanced and modern look to your kitchen cabinets, but also provides a little more floor space.

Have a minimalist design and less chaos

One of the best tricks to make your kitchen look bigger is to have a minimalist design. An overly designed kitchen creates visual clutter and makes your kitchen look cramped and chaotic. So, avoid heavy decorative design pieces to make your kitchen look airy.

Moreover, keep your kitchen surface clear by including more storage space. Get rid of the kitchen items or appliances that are either not in proper working condition, or you don’t use anymore. Always remember that less stuff makes your kitchen look roomier and spacious, so store away everything under cabinets or drawers and take them out only when you need to use them.

Incorporate light to your kitchen space

Don’t underestimate the power of light, let the sunshine pass through your kitchen windows and your kitchen walls gleam. A dark kitchen looks gloomy and small, but by adding both natural and artificial lightings to your kitchen space, you can make your kitchen look bigger, brighter, and vivacious.

Add under-cabinet lights and make your windows free from the blinds to let the sunlight enter your kitchen. Furthermore, to illuminate the beautiful aspects of your kitchen and make them more visible to eyes, use pendant lights.

Favor open shelving

Though cabinets are vital for kitchen space to stack away several kitchen items that you don’t want to put on display, you can replace a few cabinets with open shelving.

Open storage makes your kitchen look more spacious and sophisticated. Not only it is an easy way to clutter off your countertop surface, but it also lets you showcase your attractive looking glasswares or other kitchen items.

Choose the color wisely

You can opt for a kitchen cabinet painting. However, make sure to choose the right color that not only complements the overall look of your kitchen but also gives an impression of larger space. Usually, white paint is considered as the best if your purpose is to make your kitchen look airy as it reflects light.

If white is not your thing, then you don’t need to worry, as you can also pick some different shades of Grey. So, choose light or bright colors instead of dark ones. Also, make sure to stick to one color only for the entire kitchen space.


So, these are some handy tips and tricks that you can utilize to expand your kitchen space without even expanding it in actual. These affordable tips can save your money and time from the unnecessary construction work intended to create larger kitchen space. Hopefully, these tips would be useful to you!