cabinet door replacement

Cabinet doors are the front part of your kitchen cabinets. In the beginning, they have an attractive appearance and help you flaunt your kitchen. With time, your cabinet doors start getting dull surface damages, leading you to have a bad look for your kitchen. You decide to replace the doors of your kitchen cabinets with a new up to keep your home pantry updated. Here are some useful ways to make your cabinet door replacement smooth for you:

1. Take away the current doors

For removing the existing doors, you need to detach the hinge from the mounting plate, which is connected to the cabinet inside after opening them up. For this, you have to pinch the hinge portion, which is uttermost inside your kitchen cabinet. After the removal, unscrew all the hardware attached to your cabinet and its doors.

2. Measure your doors

You need to have the new cabinet doors of the same size as your existing one if you are going to use the previous hinges and hardware items. In the measurement, you need to ensure that you have taken the right width and height of every door. You can skip the 3rd step and get to the 4th if you getting new hinges and other allied hardware pieces.

3. Add the overlay

The doors of your kitchen cabinets are bigger in comparison with the actual cabinet opening, which is overlay. Standard kitchen cabinets have approximately ½ inches on the sides. Add one inch overlay while ordering new doors for your kitchen cabinets. Do the requisite action to make it fit well with your cabinets.

4. Get the right doors, hinges, and allied others

After the correct measurement, place an order for the best available doors and hinges for your kitchen cabinets. Ensure that the doors and hinges you have ordered are having exact cuts and are of the exact size.

5. Mount the hinges rightly

Every hinge has three holes, sometimes they have four. Attach the hinges to the mounting plate and go forward to lift the locking flange at the base by maintaining a proper alignment. Keep rotating until locking mechanism holes get in the right alignment with the smaller bore holes. Screw to have a firm fit.

6. Mount the cabinet doors

For the easiest mounting, you place a straight wood piece under the base your cabinet opening. Make the use of strong clamps to hold your cabinet door ½ below. Hold it the way so that it can stay exactly against your cabinet face frame. After that, do marking for the screw slots to make holes. And now, screw the face frame and mount your cabinet doors by reattaching the hinges.

7. Adjust your cabinet doors

Mounting is not enough and you need to ensure that you have positioned the doors exactly. For this, you have to take a close look to all the settings and make the required changes so that the doors will have an easy operation while closing or opening.


By following the tips mentioned above, you will have a smooth cabinet door replacement experience, even if you haven’t done it earlier. In the case, you are still confused or overwhelmed about the replacement, you can contact an experienced technician.