Wood Refinishing

Wood flooring is the best way to take your interior to the next level. It gives your home and workplace a healthier and more aesthetical look. It fits everyone’s budget and is easy to install. The best thing about having wooden flooring is that it is easy to maintain with a few things to keep in mind.

  • Clean it daily by sweeping or dusting

Simple cleaning, such as sweeping daily, aids in the effective maintenance of wood flooring. Just follow the sweeping daily and after it has dried, use a dust mop to clean up the remaining dust and dirt on the floor. It’s OK if you can’t do this daily, but at least do it twice a week and clean your entrance or hallway daily because that is the main source of dust coming into the home.

  • Deep wash and vacuum

There are some dust particles and strains that remain after sweeping or dry mopping. It is important to wash your floor with the right cleaning product once a week. This way, you make your floor shine and polish it. But remember that you don’t have to use a strong chemical cleanser because it can harm or damage your wooden floor. If you don’t know which cleanser is best for you, just use water with white vinegar to clean the floor.

Doing a vacuum before mopping or deep washing can help you remove the strain. The vacuum sucks the particles without moving them here and there like in sweeping and protects the floor from any scratches.

  • Use carpet or furniture pads

The main problem with having wooden floors is that if they have scratches, they don’t look good. Most of the scratches are caused by furniture legs like sofas, chairs, tables, and beds. These scratches are easily prevented by having carpet on the floor or using furniture pads on the furniture legs.

  • Wood refinishing

Sometimes, after a lot of care, your wooden floor may have some scratches, which make your interior style look bad. The best budget-friendly solution is having the wood refinished. Refinishing should be done every 2-3 years, depending on the condition of your floor. This way, you maintain your floor shine and freshness with N-hance wood refinishing service, which has years of experience.

  • Maintain the floor according to the surrounding atmosphere

Your hardwood floors face new challenges with each passing season. Spring brings rainfall and dust, summer adds heat and saline water, and autumn brings more dirt and leaves. Winter brings snowfall and salt. So it is important to maintain your floor according to your surroundings.

Even though they are beyond your control, temperature and humidity have a significant impact on how wood behaves. The wood will cup if there is an excessive amount of moisture on, around, or below it. To avoid this, get rid of the water source, particularly any remaining water. Desert conditions cause splitting, cracking, and gapping. Adding a little moisture to the atmosphere will help your floor eventually settle down.


Maintaining your hardwood floors is an easy task. All you have to do is complete a daily sweep of the floor and mop with a natural or green cleaner. Make sure you don’t use detergent or chemical cleaners. Use carpet or furniture pads to avoid any scratches and have the wood refinished by experts like N-hance after 2-3 years. And also protect the floor from your surrounding environment.