Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

We should keep our entire home neat and clean. But you can pay a little more attention to the cleaning of your kitchen, as it one of the busiest part of your sweet home after your drawing/guest/living room.

When it comes to keep kitchen floor fresh and attractive, sweeping and cleaning is the one most of you apply. You need to be careful, whether you opt for cleaning with liquid solution or just sweeping. Your kitchen flooring cleaning depends on the type of your home pantry floor. Here are some floor types with the right cleaning option for your help:

Laminate Floor

Even looking alike natural stone tile or hardwood planks, you need to be careful while cleaning your laminate floor. You need to make every step to stop water from getting inside the planks when you are cleaning your laminate floor. Vacuum cleaner or dry moping would be the best cleaning for such a floor in your kitchen or other parts of your home. To give a fresh look, you can replace your laminate floor, but avoid polishing it.

Hardwood Floor

Typically, hardwood floors come up with two finishes – wax and polyurethane. You can use your fingers to rub your kitchen floor to know what finish it has if you are not sure about your floor finish. The floor is of waxed wood if you notice a smudge appearing.

Such floors have polyurethane, urethane, or polyacrylic coating for protection against water and stains. For cleaning such a floor, mix a ¼ cup of pH-neutral/mild soap liquid in a bucket of fresh water. Pour this mix on the floor and wipe it fast by using a barely damp mop. You can use this method for your kitchen floor cleaning once a week to maintain it newness for a more extended period. For the cleaning of waxed wood floors, use sweeping and dust moping daily. Avoid using any liquid in the cleaning process.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is an environment-friendly sustainable wood source. Being soft and beautiful in look, it is highly prone to damages and scratches. So, you need to all the possible effort in taking care of your kitchen floor if it is made of bamboo. While it sweeping dirt and dust or cleaning, you must reduce the chances of making any mistakes. You can use a mix of ¼ cup liquid of pH-neutral soap and a bucket of fresh water. Use a dry clean cloth piece to swipe the bamboo floor.

Cork Floor

Cork floor has a high water and moist absorbent property, and so, its cleaning requires taking utmost care of everything during the process. A cleaning coach, Leslie Reichert, says that a home owner can use a vacuum cleaner once a week to clean your kitchen floor if it is made of cork. With such cleaning, you will have quick wipe up, but not have any scratching.

You can spray a mix of warm water, a drop of liquid dish soap, and ¼ cup vinegar for cleaning cork floor. However, you need to act fast for wiping out the sprayed liquid on it to avoid any damage to your home pantry floor.

Vinyl Floor

Take a 16-ounce spray bottle. Fill it with a one-fourth of cup vinegar, warm water, and a drop of liquid dish soap. Apply a wet cloth piece to wipe the floor part after spraying the prepared mix on it. Let it dry naturally. Or you can switch on the fan for drying your kitchen floor. You can also use steam cleaner for removing stains and bacteria.

Linoleum Floor

Linoleum floors are made of resin, limestone. Linseed oil, cork dust, wood fibre, and mineral pigments. For cleaning such a floor, you need only to make a mix of hot water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Spray this mix in particular area and wipe it soon by utilizing a damp microfiber mop. Switch on to let the floor dry immediately. You cans use another piece of clean cloth to wipe the floor if it seems sticky.

Porcelain Tile Floor

Prepare a mix of a drop of dish soap, a ¼ cup of vinegar, and warm water in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Spray this mix on the portion of the floor and wipe it soon with a microfiber mop. Use this method once a week. For periodic deep cleaning, you can use a steam cleaner on the floor.

Natural Stone Floor

You need to be very careful in cleaning your kitchen floor if it is of natural stone. Like bleach, vinegar, and ammonia, a very small amount of the liquid containing acid can damage the look of your pantry floor. You should use non-chelating cleaner with pH-neutral to maintain the attractiveness of your kitchen floor.