Having a yard sale can seem daunting. Starting with a few quick steps can get you in the right direction.  Make room in your home, and make a little extra money. 

1.   Pick a date. The better you plan for this the more money you will make. Most yard sales do well in the spring and fall.  

2.   Start collecting stuff and place it in an out of the way place in your home. 

3.  Get supplies – Stickers, markers, signs, etc. 

4. Collect grocery bags for shoppers. They will ask. 

5.  Invite friends, family, neighbors to join you. The more the better! Multi-family yard sales do really well. 

6.  Place an ad in the local newspaper classified section. Find out ahead of time the best dates to put these in. Look at other examples and model after ones you would want to attend.

7.  Make flyers and signs with good directions for your yard sale. Bright color signs attract buyers on the day of the sale!