Are you looking to update your kitchen cabinets and add a little color to your home? At N-Hance we specialize in refinishing kitchen cabinets. With our limitless color options and expert technicians, in a matter of days we can give your kitchen a new look that matches your style.


Why choose N-Hance?

Many professional cabinet painters apply a layer or two of paint to change the color and call it a day. N-Hance’s process, on the other hand, does more than just cover up an old look with a new one. N-Hance thoroughly cleans and primes the cabinets, ensuring the best adhesive surface. We apply the color and top coat, which are cured using ultraviolet light with our Lightspeed® process, allowing for immediate use and top-quality durability.

N-Hance offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, as well as finishing techniques, so you can customize the final product to match your own style with a long-lasting, well-protected finish.


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